Run From Home


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The songs on "Run From Home" are largely about society's constructed
(mis)interpretation of the term "home" and the violence that comes along
with it, as well as its borders and boundaries. All three songs circle
around the thoughts of detaching yourself from all pride and emotions
for whatever you consider your physical "home" to see the bigger picture
behind structures of wealth, safety and privilege, as well as the
counterparts to all of it, which affect everyone that's forced to remain
on the outside the borders of it all.

"Run From Home" was engineered, mixed and mastered by Tom Zwanzger at the ever so amazing S.T.R.E.S.S. Studio
Graz, Austria between 2013 and 2015.

Cover Photography by Bernhard Wimmer,


released April 15, 2016



all rights reserved


ASTPAI Wiener Neustadt, Austria


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Track Name: Crash And Survive
seems like we're not afraid to crash,
but to crash and survive.
not afraid to seize the day but to face the night.
well it's alright for the truth to cut like a poorly sharpened knife,
as long as we don't make it out alive.
did you look back at all the footprints along your trace?
the last time I checked, they were all over the goddamn place.
i'm stuttering at the impacts my actions had for years.
you could flood this valley and drown in all its tears.
action, reaction and no regret
our priviledge is a currency that simply knows no debt.
and while machines and ammunition,
handle our most delicate of tasks,
we cover faces with compassion
and hide them behind masks.
so if you''re happy and you know it,
fold your hands and carry on.
simon says let''s all keep moving,
as if tomorrow we''ll be gone.
half the time we're immortal beasts of life,
with galaxies for eyes we roam the streets.
the other half we're vampires, sucking our own blood,
virgins to responsibility.
Track Name: Fainting
straight fingers pointed
left me crooked and confused.
as if someones actions
could point out paths for me to choose.
it's all in the emotion,
what we feel, but cannot say.
can't help but swallow
all the cold blood in my mouth.
kept my tongue locked tight between my teeth,
but now they''re all finally knocked out.
it's all in the emotion,
what we feel, but cannot say.
and our emotion is all that''s in our way.
back to sleep.
let a dream take over today.
tomorrow morning,
may the past be swept away.
Track Name: Life Escapes
life is a constant escape.
we barely arrive anywhere at all.
so far from planning to stay,
we race for our lives and hope not to fall.
life's a constant threat
and it's reaper is routine.
our goals to rise are set,
while we keep on sinking.
while time is bursting out,
laughing in our faces.
we run our motors on straight poison,
as we try to cross out places.
life is a constant escape.
life escapes constantly.
we're chasing ourselves around and around,
struggling to be.